We take care to offer a quality design and premium materials in every product to ensure maximum comfort. We believe in conscious consumption. That’s why all of our frames are created with organic acetate. Our lenses use the most innovative treatments to protect the health of your eyes.


Our models use a vintage design that gives the glasses a quality and attractive look. We use bright colors inspired by Scottish tartan and classic styles and shapes to allow you to wear them proudly and for a long time to come. The identifying symbol of The Readers is the asterisk that is engraved and hand-painted on the front, which makes them even more recognizable and remarkable. The packaging is a 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard box, a Scottish tartan case and a cloth with The Readers’ owl shield in low relief.

We at The Readers use only high-quality materials that offer an optimal reading experience, extend the lifecycle of our glasses and, as a consequence, contribute to reducing our environmental impact. 

The Readers use a bio-based acetate that is light and malleable, which perfectly adapts to any type of face, ensuring maximum comfort. It also uses Comotec® technology for improved flexibility when adjusting. The temples are finished with different volumes for a stronger hold. 


At The Readers, we believe in conscious and responsible consumption. We promote slow culture by manufacturing our glasses with high-quality materials and classic designs for you to use them for a long time. By extending the lifecycle of your glasses, we want to help reduce our environmental impact.


Our glasses are designed with your eye health in mind. That’s why they include:

  • An innovative filter that blocks the blue light from digital devices, thus preventing eye strain and improving our sleep quality. 
  • An anti-reflective filter to avoid glares, inner-side reflections, flashes and losses of contrast.
  • There are five diopters available, so you can choose the one that suits you best: +1, +1,5, +2, +2,5, +3.
  • These are category-3 sunglasses, which protect from high-intensity rays. They also protect against UV 400 rays, thus blocking ultraviolet light.